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Why a First Aid Kit in the Home is a Must Have


There is a surplus of reasons why you should keep a first aid kit in your home and there is no single excuse why you should not. Scrapes, minor cuts, burns, and bee stings take place in any home almost every second of every day. As the old adage goes, "it is better to be safe than sorry," so it only makes sense to have a kit ready at all times.


Majority of minor as well fatal injuries take place in homes. One of 17 people is going to experience some kind of injury at any time while a fatal one takes place at 14-minute intervals. A first aid box kit is not just for serious injuries either. You are likely to cut yourself while making dinner, fall down the steps, trip over a new carpet, or prick a finger on some beautiful roses that you just received.


If you have children in your home, having a good quality kit is definitely a must have and it should contain all essential possible items such as a CPR card and a first aid manual. More than 14,000 children in the US alone lose their lives every year from drowning and choking at home, which could have been averted if only a CPR card was accessible. Children are at risk to injury from falls or accidents of some sort, at times every day. In addition, a good emergency kit must come with an easily comprehensible thermometer that children often seem to require. With such a kit at home, you will be able to respond quickly to an injury, instead of having to fumble through your closets and drawers.


If you do not have children, you are exposed to injury yourself. You can easily hurt yourself with a knife, trip over while walking on the carpets, or fall down the stairs. Even the regular household chores, like mowing the lawn or cleaning your home with some type of cleaner, can expose you to some form of injury on a daily basis. A first aid kit is, without any doubt, a must have. You can never tell when you might injure yourself, so you have to be prepared for such a possibility.


You need to have an emergency kit that is well-stocked. Along with this, you must have a first aid manual within reach as well as a CPR card, so that you will know how to handle an injury properly. Think of your first aid kit as an invaluable investment for your health and safety as well as of your loved ones.To read more about on the importance of first aid kits, check out http://www.ehow.com/health/public-health-safety/first-aid/.